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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Image Protector, a nice waste of time

I've read right now about another, pointless, attempt, to avoid the classic Save Image As from a website.

Guys, we are in 2008, and I hope that everybody knows what can the simple Stamp / Print button can do, when we are simply watching whatever in our screen.

No way, every tot months, somebody "creates" the ultimate version of an Image Protector, usually based on JavaScript, then "startly pointless" because JS could be easily disabled.

Morevore, this times the trickless trick even requires an excellent library as MooTools is.

Well, since I hate disinformations about techniques to make data truly safe, I can tell you that you need 159 characters to remove the protecion, javascript protocol included.

The funny stuff is that basing the same anti protector over MooTools, since this library is required for the amazing protector, you need even less characters to do the same, basing them on a $$("img") call, instead of document.getElementsByTagName.

Being sure that this technique will be probably adopted from people that do not know a single thing about web or security, and do not know how to implement a basic Watermark, I suppose somebody will implement the same trickless trick, so I prefer to show you the extended link that, if saved in your bookemark, will be able to remove the protection whenever you need, and in a click.

This is the code:


And this is the link:

Save into bookmark, drag there, try the example page, one click in the "bookmarked magic guru crack", and sweat dreams, you can still grab images from those sites that do not have a clue about safe contents :D


Zmitro Lapcjonak said...

I do "View image" in new tab.
And then "Save image as".

But if there are some such trick-triers, then Firefox has "View page source" or "Inspect element" of Firebug. No need in programming. :)

But really, hiding images from copy is ridiculous. Some photo-storage sites do this, in order to avoid direct links to the images or to increase hit count.
Both are not serious.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Yes Zmitro, it is ridiculous!

My code is just for fun, you have 10 ways to get the image, mine is only one of them, a click on bookmark, and that's it.

At the same time, it's August, so I guess there are no interesting stuff to talk about over the net :D

Anonymous said...

Sweat Dreams Huh i guess this is wher e ur hair has gone...

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Are you the Image Protector author? :D