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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why you should learn Mobile Web Development

When I've decided to define 3 courses and levels, I had to include the Mobile Web Development one.
When I tell developers or random folks about such course, they ask me:
"why? come on, I know Web, how different could that be? what's the point?"

Yet Most Websites Still Fail

For instance, I've tried to book a flight yesterday from my Android 5 daily phone which is not even in developer mode and I use the default Chrome browser (I know, shocking, but you gotta test what real world users will see!).
You can see I couldn't do it via this video:

Not That Site Only!

I'm pretty sure they will fix this problem at speed light, and while same operation worked on an iOS based device, it's shocking even most popular or famous websites can fail that bad at very most basic tasks like scrolling!

Few developers still believe Mobile Web is about bringing in some Mobile library and that's it. The amount of different things happening there, different surfing paradigms, and different, really, everything, is the most under-estimated problem we have these days.

And the best part everyone is missing is that you don't need to add libraries on Mobile Web, most likely you need to drop them!

Do You Trust The App?

Every business is apparently laughing at HTML5 and Mobile, offering an App for something they cannot even make it work on a browser.
Apps, are privileged pieces of software so I ask you one thing: why do you trust apps when the easier to develop Web counterpart doesn't even work?

As Summary

You don't have to come to my courses if you think you don't need it, but if you don't test on mobile, you can also stop right now offering poor alternatives nobody cares 'cause nothing works there anyway.
But please, stop saying that HTML5 or the Mobile Web platform is the problem ... it's simply NOT!

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