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Monday, January 21, 2008

JSmile ? Even more simple with an AntiPixel ;)

I've created an antipixel gif to add JSmile easily in your site too.

What should you do to add JSmile?
Copy and past this code wherever you like in your website.

alt="JSmile - by Web Reflection"
title="JSmile - by Web Reflection"
onclick="if(window.JSmile){JSmile(document.body)}else{var i=setInterval(function(){if(window.JSmile){clearInterval(i);JSmile(document.body)}},20),s=document.createElement('script');s.src='';document.body.appendChild(s)}"

Done? Perceft, now when you want, click in JSmile antipixel and your site will be more rich.

Too simple? :o

Sunday, January 20, 2008

JSmile - smiles everywhere in less than 1Kb!

Update !
Now you can see JSmile in action directly in this blog ;)
I added just this line:

// this element is smile free :)
// noone will be added in code or pre tags

and the magic happened :D

Come on guys, we have totally unobtrusive smiles for blogspot and every other blog site too 8-)

P.S. script, code, pre, and noscript tags are preserved. No changes will be done by JSmile. If you think about another element that shouldn't be parsed, please tell me :geek:

Do you want to add some graphic smile in your site?

Do you like GTalk and you think that inline smiles should be cool for your website too?

Are you worried about obtrusive smiles?

Are you worried about server side parsers?

Are you worried about other libraries and JavaScript events for each element?

... forget everything and use JSmile, a new library in less than 1Kb (gzipped) that uses DOM instead of innerHTML, could be compatible with every other kind of library and add smiles using a single site, avoiding cache or bandwidth problems!

Do you want to try an example?

Go to this page:

Look at the text, you could find some smile like ;) ... now, if you use firefox, try to cut and copy this piece of code in your ulr:

javascript:(function(){var script=document.createElement("script");script.src="";script.onload=function(){JSmile(document.body)};document.lastChild.appendChild(script)})();

Can you see the difference?

Text nodes are changed in a totally unobtrusive way.

No paranoia guys, a person without images will read alternative text, a person with image will read the title if they'll move mouse over the smile.

A person that use JS events can't be worried, events are for other kind of nodes, not for text nodes .... a person without JS enabled will see textual smile .... a person with JS enabled will see a smile using its cache, because of single url and unique smile identifier ... do you need more?

Ok, you should use this function wherever you want and choose wich part of your page should be parsed, sending simply dom node to JSmile function:


Seems interesting? This function could make your site cooler without any effort.
Include JSmile in your head tag and use JSmile function wherever you like.

Currently this function uses phpBB default postable smiles but in the future new smile themes will be available.

Enjoy JSmile and have fun with unobtrusive JavaScript!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

PAMPA - On Line version 0.6

After few months without updates, I am proud to announce last version of my Portable AMP Application for Windows.


  • New customizable tray icon, with different color for each status (active/unactive)

  • New version of PHP, 5.2.5, with some extra dll active by default (APC and rfc for upload progres)

  • New Apache 2.2.6 and MySQL 5.0.45 Comunity

  • New options on system tray icon using right mouse button

  • Removed TurbodbAdmin, added last version of phpMyAdmin by default some minor fixes or checks

You can find everything in the official PAMPA site.

Enjoy them :-)

P.S. I am sorry for possible server problems so please try later if You can't download or visit the official site.