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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Using a de-facto standard like CommonJS is for modules, I've implemented a Promise based import after TC39 proposal, which also accepts promises based module.exports.

Backward compatible and deadly simple, this proposal needs some adoption in order to push it further at TC39 or NodeJS.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meanwhile ...

I know most followers still have this RSS feed subscription, and they might have missed some of the later updates so here a recap:
  • I've brough Markdown easiness to JS console, it lets you write better logs such console.log('this *is* #green(awesome)!')
  • I've explained how to manage states and diff them, or perform other common operations, through prototypal inheritance. This concept works so well, Netflix reduced its merging performance from 500ms to 60ms.
  • I've talked about my new VR ready, game-centric PC that made me very happy in on a budget as low (for a gaming PC) as £600
  • I've also used latest installer to bring Arch Linux from scratch on such PC, and on VirtualBox too for a spin
  • I've finally uninstalled Here Maps from my phone, and discovered the same day the awesome which is already a great replacement
  • last, but not least, I've created a 100 LOC utility that lets you opt out Babel class transformation, using object literals to define actually native ES2015 classes. The reason is here, while the utility is on GitHub.
Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes, I've soldered together a Raspberry Pi Zero and a WaveShare 3.5" Touch Screen LCD, booting Web Kiosk in seconds, for a device that could be sold with the size of an i-clip and with battery and wifi included for like $35, but nobody gave a damn heck about it so my Kickstarter won't even be proposed.
P.S. I am using Medium more and more, follow me there too (at least until Medium lasts)