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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - one button web app to track activities

This is a truly simple web application I am still improving but I believe it's ready to be tested for all of you :)

The purpose of this app is to track an activity.
First of all, if you want to take full advantage and be able to use this app offline, pin it into your Home and you'll be free by network problems forever.

That's correct, there is nothing, absolutely nothing stored online ... it's your data, it's you tracking it ... no magic behind and 100% anonymous.

How Does It Work

As easy as that: you press the button once when you do something. By default, something is smoking, but it could be drinking or really, anything else you can imagine.

How To Read Data

The graph will look weird at the very beginning ... well, you have to feed your own data in a meaningful way so it takes a while ...
The graph is based on absolute time, rather than relative, and it keeps changing over the week, hours, month.
The goal of your activity is to reduce it to zero so ... a good graph, is a graph that does not exist.
This is if you really want to quit, otherwise you can play with your data without problems.

Why Absolute Time

Let's imagine you really would like to cut down cigarettes, OK? Now, it's Friday, 11:55pm, you had already few drinks, and you have a cigarette. Surely over a night out that graph will increase, you know it's true ... right?
Well, this graph should never give you the illusion you are doing OK ... which means, at midnight, there's no way you gonna have a fresh new clean column ... no, the purpose is to reduce, and to reduce over the time.
This time, your last 24 hours, is considering all those cigarettes ... deal with that, it's you smoking!

What If I Cheat

This is your problem, I cannot help if you cheat your same data, sorry.

Does It Work

I don't know ... I quitted smoking last Friday and I am pretty happy to have a clean graph ... but I swear I have tried to cut down before and every week end was again a mess ... so yeah, the best way to quit, is just quit I guess, but if you want to try cutting down and see if that works for you, now you have the easiest way ever to do it :)

Happy WebApp, and take care!


kekscom said...

The algorithm that just worked for me is: don't buy the next pack! :-)
Probably the app then turns into 'eating sweets?'
Anyway, I think mashing geo position into this could bring some extra fun.

Hope you're doing fine & HF

Andrea Giammarchi said...

you can have eating sweets if you want ... all these activities do not change other activities data :)

I am missing an easy way to switch or create them ... oh well, right now is for smokers.

Thanks gosh I am not eating so many sweets :D

Claudiu said...

If I'd track smoking AND sweets... I think the integers you hold in local storage would be too big, need to change to strings :(