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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

simple effects ? bytefx

... less than 5.50 Kb for the un-packed version, less than 3Kb for Dean's packer compressed version (my php compressor doesn't like it ... and I need to know more about this problem !!! ).
It's bytefx, naturally compatible with FireFox or JS 1.6 standard browsers, compatible with IE5.5 or greater version with my JSL.

I need some day to write the simple API, docs and FAQs ... but you can just view an alpha version in action surfing this demo page.
Seems cool ? Seems another boring FX library ? Seems doesn't work with Safari or other browsers ? (I've not yet tested with Konqueror or Safari)

I don't know what bytefx seems ... but I like it :)


Andrea Giammarchi said...

well, ratatuia tested bytefx with Safari and it works perfectly :)

Then, thanks to JSL, this is the compatibility list:
- FireFox 1 or greater
- Opera 9 or greater
- Safari 2 or greater
- Konqueror 3.X or greater
- Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater

This is "quite" compatible list (move, color, size and in few cases drag)
- Opera 7 and 8
- IE 5
- others ?

Other browsers maybe are comptible maybe not :P

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Just a first update to relase bytefx beta 1.

no more JSL dependencies, just less than 3Kb without JSL overload (but compatibility list now starts from IE5.5+).

Some little fix, everything now is tested under Safari and Konqueror too.

Test page
Test page with JSL (for ild browsers)

... well, do you like it ? :)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

F.A.Q. and API ?
Here you can find documentation about bytefx :)

P.S. sorry for few F.A.Q.s ... I don't know what should be helpfull :D

Anonymous said...

i am just entering the world of JS.
i am heavily using the prototype wondow class ( and i think i can use this library to get at least the same behavior rapidly.
this is super cool. light wait is key here. if i port my app its my 140k against your 3k....

Anonymous said...

if fact.
is it possible to get a demo of how to use this library to display images?

i have a galley with thimbnail. when i get an onclick evert i want to open an effect window that displays th full image

Andrea Giammarchi said...

@Boyan Djumakov
.. consider this as bug report #1 ..
damn right ! Thank you Boyan, I think I've solved this problem with version 1.0e :)

BTW, will be glad to help in testing and documenting, or with some tutorials...
thank you again, if you find other bugs please tell me them and if you want to create some extra example please send me the page.


P.S. I'm adding You in bytefx credits

kentaromiura said...

Is a little annoying when window move, because I notice a lot of flickering, for example moo.fx are more gummy (gommoso?)
btw "for Ild browsers?"
I think you mean "for Old browsers" ..

Andrea Giammarchi said...

flickering ? change your monitor :rotfl:

If you drag while div is in alpha and with that background it's possible you see some flickering ... but if you drag when alpha is 100 I can't see any flickering ... however I don't think flickering is created by my library (and I can't never see flickering) ... and I think there's no libraries like this one (I mean these simpe effects with drag too in less than 2 Kb compressed).

Then please stop to speak about moo-everything ... this is another kind of library, this is not a moo alternative (as Valerio said to me too ...)

Bye bye :P

kentaromiura said...

I cited moo.fx because it uses a formula-based transition (sin,cos,etc..), your is linear, I think is a little annoying, but maybe is only my impression

Andrea Giammarchi said...

uhm ... I could try to make move more smoot ... however I usually prefere a responsive drag, not delayed, because drag should not be a joke but a friendly way to do something :)