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Thursday, November 02, 2006

bytefx 0.4

The good thing is that bytefx now has a new scroll method, the sad thing is that Safari 2 probably doesn't work with MemTronic compressed version and this new method cost about 1 more Kb, then bytefx now is 2.09 Kb and not less than 2 ... however, it is not so important because packer version is less than 3Kb and more compatible with Safari 2 too.

Fixes: any fix, bytefx seems to be really stable and probably bug free (simple with few lines of code :D).

Changes: just a new method to scroll the page with elements as target.

Visit the faq page to view an example.

Simple, cool ? Hey guys, It's bytefx ;)


kentaromiura said...

i work using your bytefx on a accordion implementation,
than i saw something weird, i use size$ for the dimension, and weird enought you don't use a standard calculation for the border,
that sometimes are included ,and sometimes not.

I think you should control for the border, because when I save the actual value of a div with border
and I redim it with yours method, and i come back i get the 2 pixel bigger in FF caused by a 'border:1px solid';
in IE work perfectly.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

As You know CSS problems are present in every fx library such scriptaculous and others.

I've added corrective size to solve this problem and with my examples border seems to not be a problem.

Can You please me show an example that doesn't work correctly ? Thank you.