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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

IWA Italy didn't choose me !!!

The Web Skills Working Group selection is closed and the group is complete.

A lot of University members, a lot of Information Architect and a lot of IWA members ... but "any every day applications" certified or skilled developer, just people that write books, blog posts, do training courses every day and probably part of the same trainings that make italian ICT as is right now (unlikely often generally "" ...) ... well, I can't read about any skilled server and client (both!) developer in the Web 2.0 era (or probably I don't know Him/Her) ... but this group should tell us how should be a Web developer and what kind of certification He should have to be a real Web developer ... sure, one or more IWA certifications !

At this point, my first opinion is that V.U.E. certifications aren't a good start point (I've 2 official server and client certifications,PHP Engeener and AS2.0 - ECMAScript 3/4 Developer) and that my W3C/PHP/JavaScript/ActionScript skill and experience (about 8 years) isn't enought to be part of choosed professionists group ... I'm quite disappointed about that but I really ... really hope that next 3 months will be a revolution for italian Information and Communications Technology !

Well, Good Luck Web Skills Working Group, I hope you'll do an excellent work and I hope you'll find the right way to create real good Web developers and not just "fake Web Doctors" !!!

I'm waiting for your progresses, please respect our expectations, we believe in you ! :-)

this is just my opinion wrote in an italian forum


Anonymous said...

I am really sorry.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

eh eh eh :D

Anonymous said...

I think they're already paying for their short view.
I took a look to their website, some sessions subjects on their calendar are really silly.