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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

overbyte Editor, from Alpha to Beta

Update !!!
overbyte Editor now has a Suggest Panel inside textarea !
It doesn't contain every function or method but it has a kind of intelligent code interaction, do You like it ? :D


Just a little update about my last experiment, overbyte Editor.

I've fixed a lot of bugs and now it should work correctly on IE5.5, IE6, IE7, FireFox 2 (probably 1.5 too) and Opera 9 (probably 8 too).

I don't know why Safari has some problem with menu and I'm working to solve Safari incompatibility, however, now this Editor is version beta, so You could test them or use without problems ( I mean without every Alpha release problems :D ).

Please report me bugs or features You think should be cool and good JavaScripting ! :-)

I forget a detail ... using my GzOutput.class.php with bootstrap.php solution, this component size is less than 14Kb without jsmin :-)

jhp is about 12 Kb without jsmin too ... but I'm working on, this project will not be available so soon.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Amazing. What are your plans with this technology. I'm working on a web development framework. You can see a pre-alpha at We are looking for an online javascript editor. Great work,


Jeffrey Gobel said...

I think this is very useful! Most impressive.

Unknown said...

Cool dude.. we are waiting for that

Anonymous said...


This is sooooo cool! I couldn't wait to try it in my project. Please keep on with the good work!!!

BTW, will you make it public (downloadable) one day? what is the license term if you plan for a public release? Thanks