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Friday, February 02, 2007

GzOutput 0.5 finally approved !!!

PHPClasses has approved my last notable uploaded class, GzOutput :-)


  • compatible with both php version 4 and 5 (E_ALL | E_STRICT notice free)

  • create runtime every kind of content-type with or without dedicated charset

  • cache automatically every kind of file or file list (one or more JavaScript, CSS, XML, xHTML, TXT, others)

  • decrease client download time (about 5 times faster!)

  • increase server performances if cache option is enabled (about 3 times faster!)

  • give you control with differents public static methods, easy to use, secure and portable

  • "perfect" unobtrusive solution, compatible with every browser, every page parser (W3, WatchFire, WebSiteoptimizzation, others) and doesn't modify sources, just crunch them with different levels if you choose to crunch so you don't need any kind of packer, for example for your javascript files

  • "forgettable solution", automatically update chached file when one or more required file has been changed

Use them to optimize your feeds, your javascripts, your css, your txt files ... or why not, every page of your portal, e-commerce or everything else.

Do you need an example ? My overbyte.Editor single script source use them from different weeks without any problem, using crunch level 2 and compression level 9.

Easy to configure and mod_reqrite ready.

Could be enought ?

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