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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Working on Byte Framework ...

Byte What?
He he :-)
.... I'm working on a framework that will include every interesting personal experiment such bytefx, byteson, bytedom and many others as JSL, Astar for game development, something from JHP, some component, some JS/Canvas/Flash interaction like PixelFont and more and more ... that's why this framework will be probably ready at the end of 2007, at least I hope because as You know, time is never enought.

This post is only a preview of my work in progress and it includes:

... and a work in progress documentation page.

Finally, these are some interesting features about this project:

  • Compatible with IE 5 or greater

  • full compatibility with IE 5.5 or greater

  • better FX implementation

  • clear source code, parsed and cached directly with my GzOutput class

  • cross-browser and quality code for a fast framework

  • unobtrusive single namespace, compatible with every other library

  • OpenAjax ready

I hope this project will be interesting but now, I know, it's only a pre alpha release so please stay tuned :-)

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