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Friday, April 13, 2007

JSON and JSONRequest

I've just updated last JSON JavaScript object adding a dependency on JSONError dedicated error object.

I've uploaded a new object too, called JSONRequest and based on Douglas Crockford proposal.

I successful tested both JSON and JSONRequest but last one probably need more debug to work perfectly.

JSONRequest object allows developer to do more than a single JSON interaction using a queue variable to block multiple request errors and to reduce server requests, performing each request only if precedent one is completed.

The usage is very simple and if You read "official" JSONRequest page You'll agree that everything was implemented, except for server specs.

Server side should check Content-Type, with this object always setted as application/jsonrequest.
For POST requests server side will recieve a JSONRequest key that will contain JSON Array or Object rappresentation encoded using encodeURIComponent.

Compatibility should be good enought, starting with IE 5.5 and if You have a personal encodeURIComponent top level function should run with IE5 too.

Opera, as FireFox and Safari should work correctly.
I'm waiting for your opinion about this object, I'm just using them but I'm not yet totally sure this respect perfectly Douglas Crockford idea so please tell me what's wrong or what doesn't work as expected, thank You :)

Where is the link? It's here ;)

Instant Update
I uploaded a packer version of these 4 objects too, about 4.6 Kb

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