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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why Safarisoft ?

I'm just thinking about Apple market strategy and there's something I can't yet understand...

In the Web 2.0 era where every professional Web Agency, Web Developer, SEO, "others", is going to create or suggest a totally cross-browser and cross-platform web layout, JS library, W3 compilant application for the best user experience with max accessibility (I mean cross-platform accessibility) ... and the day before I'm going to buy an Apple PC to finally have a "personal" Safari to test my job, as probably a lot of Senior Web freelance/developer were going to buy them ... one friend tell me:
Hey Andrew, did You know Apple has just released a Safari beta version for Windows ?

Well ... at this point I think there are only two possibilities:

  1. Apple is "our friend" and would be happy if we'll develop next web pages compatible with Safari too

  2. Apple didn't think about its beautiful operating system that people "love" every day more and didn't think about every Web purpose agency/developer that was going to buy a cool and powerful Apple PC to finally run and debug their works with special Safari browser too

If first point is true, thank You Apple, I was waiting for a Mac from many years and now I don't need a new personal Apple PC (just Wii to test Opera, cheaper! :D).

If second point is true ... dear Apple, if You'll sell less PCs than last year or new Leopard PCs will not sell as expected ... probably You didn't think so much about Web and the new Economy.

Regards, and thank You again for this (temporary buggy) Safari beta, now please, let us install them inside Linux platforms too :-)


Darkmavis said...

Just another useless software from Apple, i think that my antivirus will recognize safari as a virus :-)

gonchuki said...

in my case, i was already testing Webkit with Adobe Scout.
Now that we will have "native" Safari on windows it's not like i won't buy a Mac ever, but more likely that i will save the trip to the other keyboard to hit F5 ^_^