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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SWF Activation using Flash Satay method

Long long IT time ago (2002) A list Apart wrote about a new W3 markup compatible way to show SWF files in a web page using a method called Satay.

This was my favourite one to create valid (x)HTML pages and this method is unobtrusive too, allowing alternative content directly inside object tag without JavaScript requirement.

This method is able to send common informations inside SWF too, using a "sentinel" file or directly full SWF to load.

Since Internet Explorer 6 add a new ActiveX control that requires at least one click before user can use SWF content many developers wrote different libraries to fix this problem, present on IE 7, Opera 9 and probably other browsers.

These libraries are good enough to solve "activation click" problem but these often offer more features we (at least me) need.

This is why I've just uploaded my last tiny library to solve this problem, compatible with IE6, 7, Opera 9, FireFox 1.5+, Safari 2+ and many other browsers.

Its size? Actually exactly 1Kb (1024 bytes) 999 bytes and it seems to work correctly :-)

How to use them? Just include them externally using a script tag.

Demo page

Crazy Source (self packed)

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