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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Looking for a job in London ... or not?

It's about 2 weeks that I'm studying in London to improve my English knowledge, specially my spoken one (I know, written is not so perfect too).

I put my cv on line in a famous recluting search engine but it seems that most interested people are Agency's employees that usually look for generic IT - Web masters.

I would like to explain my "strange situation": I am not absolutely a web designer, I do know quite nothing about graphic, I could just know how to start Gimp!!! :D

It seems that if You know quite perfectly ActionScript 1.0/2.0, that's basically ECMAScript 3rd edition or, in case of 2.0, 4th one closed, you can be only a Web Designer and not a programmer, even if You know Flash Player bugs and you're able to find out workarounds.

It seems that if You know deeply JavaScript (best practices, OOP, Ajax, cross-browser/platform development, bugs, common libraries suggestions) it's not important ... just a preferred plus ... but at the same time everybody is looking for Ajax and Web 2.0 skilled developers, a role that absolutely requires a good programming background (not just a bit of DreamWeaver).

It seems that if you know different languages or technologies ... there's always a missed one.
How can a person to be "senior in every program language"?
I can't call their "expert or senior everything developers", a part for someone who has at least 20 years or more experience.

However, excellent OO PHP 4/5,JavaScript,ActionScript,(x)HTML,CSS,XML skills aren't enough while a good knowledge of C# for ASP.NET or MONO, and Python is not enough as a technical plus.

Maybe someone should be interested in my good database skills, starting from SQLite 2/3 to MySQL 3/4/5, passing inside PostgresSQL ... but it's not enough.

What about security practices and code optimization skills? Who cares about that!

As sum, and as someone said before me: please hire me !!! :-)

Best regards,
Andrea Giammarchi


Anonymous said...

Hai sbagliato posto my friend ;-)
prova a cercare quacosa in Australia.....sarebbe una bella esperienza internazionale.

see ya
PS o

Anonymous said...

TerrĂ² presente...
certo che anche tu con quel portfolio li che cercavi di ottenere :stodita: