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Thursday, February 07, 2008

JSmile for jQuery ;)

As I said one post ago, I've created a jQuery dedicated version of my simple JSmile project :geek:

Here you can find the demo page, qhle here the automatic generated source

What's new?
It's so simple


Use $("one or more smiles containers").smile(true or false) to add/remove smiles from your pages.

See you ;)


kentaromiura said...

Seems that you're converterd to jqueryism .. :D glad to know this.

{Michael : iSkitz} said...

Clever as usual, but also FUN! Nice work Andrea. Always fun to see what you're fiddling with. When I get around to redesigning my site & blog JSmile will definitely be on my list of must have enhancements ;-)

Off topic:
I finally looked at your app tonight. You should really advertise it a lot more! It's fantastic! I haven't heard it mentioned as much as Packer, but it seems to be quite an improvement over that, and best of all it hasn't broken my valid code the way Packer did/does :-)

I'm impressed with the UI you built around it. That definitely makes it more fun to use and shows a more user-friendly side of you.

Keep up the great and interesting work.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Cheers Michael :)

Anyway, I think that only few developers understand what is really able to do and how powerful is the double CSS/JS convertion concept and produced server-side optimizzed, parser free, code.

But how can I advertise more if even Ajaxian didn't spend a single word for them?

Finally, I'll find time to create server-side automations ... so please stay tuned ;)

{Michael : iSkitz} said...

That's too bad. You could probably help raise awareness by featuring it prominently on your own site.

Maybe just linking to it at the top of your blog would get people to look at it. Do most people look at your blog or

It really ought to be getting a lot more attention.

I'll be watching ;-)

Unknown said...

hey. thank u for that awesome plugin. how can i download the smilie package? i want to host them on my webspace because i want to be independet from other hosters.
I can just see the path in your file:

tv reklam said...

thank you for your share. Jsmile is really awesome plugin.

best regards