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Thursday, May 22, 2008

[OT] Does Zend rely in its own program language?

During an interesting meeting at work, me and my colleagues talked, for some reason, about Zend, and its weird market strategy.

What I mean, is that articles like this one, are daily present in our mind (we, as certified PHP developers :D)

At the same time, today I though about one simple thing:

  • Which program language is the diamond of MS? C#

  • Which program language does MS use to create applications? C#

  • Is MS IDE writen in C#, to develop in C#? Almost

  • Which program language is the diamond of Sun Microsystem? Java

  • Which program language does Sun use to create applications? Java

  • Is Eclipse IDE written in Java, to develop in Java? Almost

Same loop could be applied for Python, Ruby, D, Ocaml ... others, now stop one second ...

  • Which program language is the diamond of Zend? PHP

  • Which program language does Zend use to create applications? Java

  • Is Zend IDE written in PHP (GTK), to develop in PHP? NO

I know that phpgtk is a project out of the box, but it seems that Zend does not rely in its self proposed program language, or in its amazing extensions, as php gtk is.

  • Is it because PHP is not stable, scalable, powerful, as Java is? (don't you really know the answer?)

  • Is it because PHP is known as web purpose language, and it has not official support for desktop development? Maybe ... or maybe first point is more credible ...

I do like PHP, and what it offers daily for web development, but problems, bugs, simultaneous developed versions, let me think that probably we are using a program language, while its "official sponsor" does not like them that much ... but it's only my humble opinion, and I am using PHP since 1999 - am I an idiot?


Unknown said...

Do Ferrari's factories transport the materials in 'Ferrari' trucks? I guess not, it doesn't make sense for the car makers to invest into doing a truck when their business is around making sport cars.

At the end of the day PHP has its weaknesses but also its strengths, it's all about using the right tool/language to get the job done.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Good point :)

But another question is: if you are a Ferrari mechanic, and you have possibility to choose what kind of car you would like to create, will you build up a Ferrari, or a Lotus?

I know a Ferrari Engineer, and He knows how do they create cars ... I suppose that if he could be able to buy a car, without money problems, he would like to have, at least, a Ferrari.

You cannot promove a Ferrari, driving a Porche.

You shouldn't have a Porche garage, dedicated for a Ferrari.

Try to imagine F1 box, loads of Porche mechanics, with Porche symbols everywhere ... does it make sense?