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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Multiple Upload With Progress: Every Browser No Flash !!!

Update: released official version in Google Code, cross browser, and easy to use. blog enry

Ok guys, this is a quick and dirty entry in my blog. I need to write documentation, create the project in Google Code, explain better what I have done and how it works.
I do not want to give you the zip right now because I have to change name (silly me do not check before) and to do last tests ... but basically, what I have created this week end, is a graceful enhanced multiple file upload manager compatible with Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer (5.5 or greater), Opera, Safari.

The manager wrap an input type file and manages it allowing multiple files selection, where supported, or one after one insert with possibility to remove one or more file from the list.

Everything is absolutely customizable, since the wrapper is entirely in CSS, the library has a language namespace for errors or messages, and events are created by developers.

In those browsers were Ajax upload is not supported, the progress bar is simulated, but there is the feeling that something is happening.

In FireFox, where Ajax upload is supported, the progress is still simulated but at least the size, sent or total, is real.

Stay tuned for the official announcement, enjoy the demo in my website.

Quick thanks and credit to Silk Icon Set from famfamfam!

P.S. Yes, there is a file type filter as well, Flash like, and I have solved server side $_FILES problem with Safari 4 ... but please wait next blog entry!

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Naz said...

Andrea, you rock! )))