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Monday, May 11, 2009

See You in a 01!

Quick one from work ... new flat, no internet, my extra activities are now these:

  • unpack begs: tar xvf begs.tar

  • use some namespace: from IKEA import essential.forniture

  • reload the net:
    $connection = FIBER_OPTIC_AVAILABLE ? 'Virgin Media' : 'start panic mode!';

But, in the meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter ;)

1 comment:

Naz said...

Be careful with Virgin Media, their fibre optic suck time to time depending on your area. I was paying for 24Mb and real speed was 256Kb with regular disconections. Spend 70 GBP on phone conversations with support in india asking me to turn on/off my laptop...
As alternative have a look on