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Monday, June 15, 2009

On David Fearon PC Pro GWT Article

I do not even know why somebody like me should buy PC Pro, maybe it was simply reminding me 12 years ago when I started fixing Hardware and Software problems as Computer Shop Technician? Maybe I was flying to Italy alone? It does not matter, nice enough I found, after years without reading it, an updated magazine which decided a while ago to talk about IT and Web as well, rather than only Hardware and few desktop applications.

Don't be afraid about Google latest web revolution

this is the title of the article, and the subject is not wave but GWT.

JavaScript, the hideous language saved by browsers?

If you do not know a language, or you cannot spot its beauty, 'cause you only know a different one, in David case Java, you should not categorize JavaScript that bad.
First of all, unlike David, I deeply know JavaScript, and I worked with both Java language and Java Developers, so I know what I am talking about, secondly, comparing a strongly typed programming language, Java, with one of the most successful, famous, omnipresent, and advanced scripting one, JavaScript, is an error that even a kid would not commit ... what are we talking about?

Even Google Prefers JavaScript And Does NOT Use GWT

at least this is what Ajaxian reported few days ago.
Accordingly, if GWT and Java are "that cool", I wonder why big G developers use raw JavaScript, which in mentioned article is described also as the drudge that drains the fun out of web development ...
Moreover, JavaScript is apparently an assembly language, in this era the language that the web can understand ... nothing about its simplicity, new amazing performances thanks to new engines, prototypal inheritance, nested closure, injectable scope, and all stuff that if you are not familiar with, you cannot even understand (neither comment badly, IMHO).

Tomato, Potato, and Pomato

I found that article for some reason interesting, not because it convinced me that JavaScript is a bad programming language, from scripting branch, just because I discovered how people could expose their opinion in such arrogant and not that competent way. PC Pro is still probably the best magazine out there, if we would like to be updated 360°, but please keep being neutral about subjects, whatever these are, you do not need to insult something you probably do not understand ... some reasonable comment could be enough, and that's it, don't you agree?

Best Regards.

P.S. "Google has some of the best Ajax hackers out there", it cannot be true guys, I am not a Google developer so far :P

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Valentino Aluigi said...

did you fly to Italy for the elections? you're such a good citizen! ; ) by the way, it's been years since I've read my last PC Pro.. is it valuable now?