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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tesla Experiment, aka JavaScript Lightnings

Hardware Accelerated Browsers are a great step forward for Web potentials, but not all of them are able to accelerate properly the canvas element.

When it comes to performances, we should be aware about those practices able to slow down consistently not that powerful devices such Netbooks and smart pad or phones.

The Tesla Experiment

This demo has a mere entertainment purpose and it is specially suitable for iPad since it becomes more funny via multi touch screens.

It is possible to customize almost everything via the Tesla class, and for the example page we can simply use the query string.

All properties has been explained in the source code of the index page, when the Tesla instance is initialized.

Here another configuration example ( more "Dragon Ball" style :D )

It has been interesting to test how the blur can destroy performances, as interesting was to realize that with current canvas API, a nicer FX as this one could be is quite impossible if performances matters for nowadays mobile devices.

Have fun with the experiment ;-)

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