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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Front Trends 2010 - My Talk

My talk is finished, there were probably too stuff to talk about and it was hard to make a clear point, but I am willing to better explain myself posting here about main points.

Slides without me trying to show stuff online do not probably make much sense but these are here: ft2010 WebReflection Slides

The benchmark I have showed that should run in any browser ( at least those A grade ) is here. During this talk I have tried to explain what each test means. You can grab the benchMark function from the source, it's simple but it ruffling did the job.

The showed "problematic parent" example is here.

Tests for my essential Class are here.

Talk Summary

I have tried to explain that sometimes we should take care of performances techniques, accordingly with the goal and the target.
I have showed how things could go slow in whatever Netbook, regardless hardware acceleration.
What I have not been probably able to explain , is that it's up to our common sense decide when we should avoid common good practices or not, and I won't link here the IE9+iPhone/iPad canvas experiment since I would like to talk with guys before and eventually create a proper GitHub project for their slickviewer, mobile version.

Thanks everzbody for listening, all the best.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the talk! I'm definitelly willing to dig deeper into some issues you mentioned and the JS performance in general after today.

Aadaam said...

Hmm, you work at nokia now in Berlin?:)

Funny, I'm there as part of Luca's team now :)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Hi there, were you at this conference? You could have showed up, there were many actually from Berlin ;-)