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Saturday, April 09, 2011

ES5 NOW! ... or better, @falsyvalues

Update more than a person asked me more details and here I am: The workshop will be Thursday 19th of May on Track 3 and from 9am to 5pm. Registrations open at 8am and to be sure everything I have written is correct, please double check the schedule.

This time is not about my uncle, this time is about my workshop in Warsaw, during Falsy Values Event, and this is its description:

Massive rumours behind buzz words such HTML5 and ES5, the latest updated specification about JavaScript programming language, have surely increased confusion about where is JavaScript today, and how this language should be in the future.

Unfortunately, we all know that many users are still trapped behind really outdated browsers and their relative JS engines.

This could lead us to be stuck with old coding patterns and style but here I am to show most recent performances oriented techniques that could make the transition to this new specification less painful and efficient

  • Size matters: code size oriented techniques and advantages of a proper build process

  • Why Array extras, Object creation, and other new ES5 entries are not scary

  • Mobile and performance oriented applications: DO and DONTs

  • JS Harmony purpose and the future of JavaScript

The "It's Scripting" Logic

Too many times we convince ourself that if it is about a scripting programming language, performances are not important. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have already said we don't have choices when it comes to "web browser environment".
It's not that if we need speed, we change programming language, this is not an option for us ... we want be fast, as fast as possible!
Everybody knows already that, even in JavaScript, a proper algorithm can be faster than a bad one written in C or ASM.
This rule could be readapted more generically considering a better pattern faster than a worse one.

ES5 Oriented Patterns

Specially on mobile and tablet, recently on desktops as well, the latest version of JavaScript could bring many advantages in therms of performances but this is not it: ES5 brings different and new approaches that we should better consider now rather than wait that all browsers "will be there" and we'll see during this workshop different examples of graceful degradation.

Performances Speaking

Not all of us are that lucky to use JavaScript on the server side only.
Even in this case, we will most likely deal with http connections and we'll have to serve some content, possibly with JavaScript as well if it's not a RESTFull service only.
Performances on web have many faces: from download size to lazy loading advantage, up to browser specific builds and the best way to serve them. All these topics will be discussed during the workshop but hey ... if I have to be honest, there are many others there that could stimulate your interest ... I am just saying :P

See you in Warsaw ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea, do you already know at what time your session will start? And any news on the venue? Oliver

Thomas said...

Count me in! I'm registered to your workshop ;)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

hey guys, I have just updated the post with info on top. Hope to see you there :)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely glad to find this. great job!