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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rubik's Cube Analogies in IT Development World

Oh well, during my free time without laptop I came up with this talk about Rubik's Cube and Development process.

I'll let you enjoy the video, hopefully ..., and leave comments here, if necessary.

The big summary is: there's a lot to learn from the cube, so take this as a hint to learn how to solve it and find even more analogies on your daily basis tasks.

if you ever wondered how I created the talk cube situation, I have simply used RGBA as clockwise or anti-clockwise approach ... if you have a solved cube, consider the Alpha as the White, and turn anti-clockwise White, Blue, Green, Red ... you'll have a quite messed up cube you can always solve easily via Red, Green, Blue, White, or you gonna solve it the way you know, the way I did, probably with 2 shortcuts in the middle I have ignored for this kind of talk.

1 comment:

kentaromiura said...

I found the rubik cube analogy appropriate:
1) you found a cube, now you got a problem
2) try hack around with the cube with no idea on how it works
3) look at tutorial on internet
4) apply the tutorial to the cube, but without knowing that the tutorial you found solve only a specific problem with the cube
5) try to mess with the cube extending the tutorial logic
6) give your cube to a friends who want to try to solve the cube
7) now you've a messier than before cube, and trying to rollback friends change only worsen the problem
8) dismount the cube and redone the cube.

9a) if you're lucky you didn't break the cube logic
9b) if you're unlucky you need superglue to keep everything together, now you've a perfect solved, yet unusable cube.