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Thursday, February 07, 2013

JavaScript EventTarget

This is about the W3C EventTarget interface, something standard in the DOM side, but still confusing in the JavaScript one where EventEmitter in node.js, or many other kind of constructors, are simply simulating what has been there for years, and standardized across all browser engines.

Now In JavaScript Too

Correct, I have implemented, written, and re-writtem this shit so many times that I have decided to "unofficialize" the already, well described, interface.

So, here the repository, something you can install in node via npm install event-target and checking examples on how to use it. Cool? I hope so :-)

Only thing that does not make much sense in a non DOM environment is the capture extra argument, something ignored from 90% of the web, something that can be really useful with the DOM but I could not think about any concrete utility in a pure JS world way. Cool thing is: anyone can extend, wrap, or improve, this EventTarget library: enjoy!

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