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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Repo News

Well, I don't always post about updates, changes, or new repos here, so here a quick and dirty post on things I've been tweaking, creating, or fixing, recently.


This 100% test covered polyfill is awesome! Combined with some basic utility makes DOM manipulation life really easy. As example, this is how you can shuffle last to first one a list of li:
var li = document.querySelectorAll('ul.shuffle li');
li[0].before(li[li.length - 1]);

// or even better!
var ul = li[0].parentNode;
Pretty cool stuff from W3C!


The most compact and easy way to retrieve experimental features, or standardized, now supports CSS prefixes too.
var JSkey = experimental(
  // optionally explicit, 'js'
// JSkey is the string
// webkitRequestAnimationFrame
// mozRequestAnimationFrame
// others too or
// requestAnimationFrame

// forcing JS assignment
if (!experimental(
  true // force assignment
)) {
  window.requestAnimationFrame = function(cb){
    return setTimeout(cb);

// now available in all browsers

var CSSkey = experimental(,
// -webkit-transform
// -moz-transform
// or
// transform

require-updated module

Have you ever needed a module that updates automatically as soon as it's edited in node.js world? This module is meant to provide the most recent version of a module, of course if this is required in the wild rather than once at the top of the JS program.


Some minor clean up and some big plan ahead, makes it the very first fully node.js web server with simplified configurations, as it is now, but extended to stream, gzip, and caching with ETags and all other common techniques to avoid the usage of a web server on top of it at all.
No idea how much this will take but I am willing to provide some good shit by the time node v1 is out, after next, 0.12, release.
If you don't know what is polpetta yet, considered it's the easiest way to have CGI like behavior in node.js in any folder and that it has been tested in all possible environments with excellent performance, even Raspberry PI, pcDuino, RK3066 modules, as well as Amazon server (not in production, I need those adds-on first).
This update is more about telling you that things are being improved and the project is everything but dead and the require-updated module has been created for polpetta indeed ;-)

gitstrap environment

While many keep struggling with node updates and the inability to run grunt, this or that dependency, gitstrap keeps being slightly improved making my git flow every day easier. Travis, wru tests, a proper Makefile, easy customization, I know I should probably spend a bit more time documenting or describing various "how-to" but I believe if you know very basics about bash and make, you don't need much from me there ;)


Not only a simplified, more secure, and battle-tested utility for ES5 engines (node.js, Rhino, others) and browsers (all mobile plus all desktops but IE8), now a simplified way to create Classes too.
Bringing the most useful part from the poo.js experiment, redefine.js now supports extend, to simplify inheritance in a semantic way, mixin as it will be in ES6, statics for constructors properties and public methods, and all other redefine powerful features like lazy property assignment, defaults for descriptors, and all other things needed for a Class based env, when and if needed!

CircularJSON Update

With support for non resolved paths when the extra flag is passed through .stringify(data[, receiver[, space[, DO_NOT_RESOLVE]]]).
The result will be similar to other parsers where the circular reference will have simply the word [Circular] in it.

You are welcome :) and see you soon!

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