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Monday, April 15, 2013

Can Deal With Markdown In RSS Readers ?

I've spent some time trying to solve the
runtime blogspot parsing and this is the current status:

  1. desktop browsers are fine
  2. mobile browsers are now fine too
  3. textual browsers lynx like are wonderful now!
  4. browsers without CSS are just fine
  5. browsers without JS are kinda fine too
  6. browsers without CSS and JS are almost fine

### Your RSS Reader
Most likely, what you are experiencing is something similar to point 5 or,
in the worst case scenario, point 6 of above list.

Being markdown easy to read as any plain text or book
you are familiar with, can you cope with that for RSS readers?

### As Experiment
Please give you some times to see if this work before answering.

I realy don't want to piss off my followers so the last option would be
to revert all my changes done in blogger
(or eventually host my blog in my own space)

One thing I am doing different now, is to preserve a decent amount
of columns before I go into a new line so readers unable
to adopt a `white-space: pre-wrap;` like rendering for feeds
should not be that disturbed anymore ...

If this is going to work, I think everyone could be happy
about the fact not only you can blog on the cloud without a host,
but what you write can be compatible with emails and everything
that is not HTML enabled ... all plain text, as universal way to
write a human friendly formatted document.

What do you think? Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...


Andrea Giammarchi said...

can you pelase re-check that? I've realized I forgot the pre tag but put it back at some point.

I don't think that reader would drop a pre tag like that ... right? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Looks ok for me on

In general I'm extremely excited that you're using MD rather than HTML - I wanted to make the shift a while back, and it seems like your tiny lib would completely fit my needs.

It's worth pointing your site didn't look great on reader beforehand anyway - the code never seemed to work properly, so I always ended up reading your articles on site in any case

But being able to get a decent preview of the article is very important, and now your content doesn't make feedly seem broken.

Thanks Andrea!

Unknown said...

Readable, but it seems that the blog's RSS was broken :)
Plus there is a problem with the line breaks: Reeder Mac

Anonymous said...

Feedly doesn't refresh the article :-( So I've switched to the "deprecated" Reader: IMG