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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Diversity Is Diversity

He Stepped Down as Mozilla CEO and I have mixed feelings about this choice.
I am not sure if anyone won here ... but I'll leave here my thoughts, still behind my ideal that personal believes shouldn't be judged at work.
I also wish in 2014 the "witch hunting time" was already extinguished.

I 100% support LGBT equal rights and I think that if the web should be for all, so should marriage.
In this post I am not defending anyone but the ideal behind a company that already changed this world for good. If you gonna stop in the middle of this post thinking I am a puppet or a fool, feel free to, but please don't comment me back unless you reached the end of my thoughts. Thank You!
I don't understand why people keep mixing up apples and oranges on the internet these days, and I know this is the worst time ever for a post about it, 'cause everyone will think is an April fool ... but it's actually not at all, and yes, this is about Mozilla.

Mozilla & The World Wide Web

Mozilla promotes since ever the web as a standard and before it was cool.
Mozilla believes, and I am sure his new CEO too, that the Web should reach every person in the world!
You won't find many other companies making deals for $25 smart phones support, specially considering all the effort that takes to this company's developers to make such low price HardWare phones competitive against others, and inside a browser, as crazy as it sounds!
Good news is, the recently announced Mozilla CEO has the same vision for the company he is representing ... but ...

What I personally think is that the Web should be for everyone, and so should be marriage, period!

However, does the Mozilla CEO personally think exactly the same? I don't actually care much ... and you know why?

Mozilla Promotes Diversity

Can we please drop some hypocrisy from the topic and focus on what exactly does diversity mean?
di·ver·si·ty the state of being diverse; variety.
Diversity is not just about being gay or about physical handicap and different abilities, diversity is also about accepting other people cultures, believes, religions and thoughts, as well as other people ideas, even if considered jurassic, wrong, bad, bigot, worst ever, lame, evil, pointless ... on and on ...

And Diversity Is Promoted Indeed

Apparently every freshly new hired Mozillian, as well as some veteran, is free to share thoughts about such choice, express themselves and speak out loudly and publicly!
There have been few days of my career when I was feeling really frustrated about my current job situation, and guess what? ... I wish I could do the same online, share how disappointed I was and why!
Just think about it, how many of us can easily judge another company CEO but are unable to speak freely about our own one?
I have the feeling this is like the single case everyone blames because finally there is someone to blame and drop all frustrations ... yeah, let him resign ... and then what? Will he change his mind about his own personal believes? I don't think so! Moreover, will Mozilla change a single bit about its diversity promoting culture? I don't think so neither, I actually think Mozilla once again demonstrated to be one step in front of many other companies where talking about the CEO in order to put the company under a dark light might be even forbidden by contract!
So what are we exactly talking about these days?

All I Know About Mozilla CEO

Is that he has been there for a while, it has been working 24/7, maybe too much, and regardless the amount of discussions we personally had in the past, as well in the present, this person always demonstrated a reasonable understanding of other people (ahem, mine as well) attitude without ever crossing a respectful line in term of human respect, and despite his role I personally don't even know if I'll ever be able to think about or be able to handle ... but regardless ...

Mozilla Is About Mozillians

The thing that I admire since ever about this company is the passion, equivalent or higher than mine, that every person from this company put on daily tasks. It's not by accident that I forgot to mention a single name in this post, because Mozilla represent what is the World Wide Web today, and pointing all fingers to just one of them, does not give any justice to all amazing people that somehow helped making the web as it is happen, and making step forwards every day sharing all they know and not just for profit.
In few words, when I see this bullshit I get sad:

because blaming the effort of hundreds of people that believes in the internet and made your own website possible these days breaks every free thought you could share on the web since it's born!

No Need To Generalize

If you really want to protest against this person, talk about his personal choices privately but don't promote a campaign that involves hard workers and passionate about their job as this same person is and has been for long time ... and of course, if you ever even learned how we reached the HTML5 era we know these days, we'd probably even think about blaming Mozilla, isn't it?
Be free online, and keep all your energies to keep being free to surf the net ... it's awesome, and most of this awesomeness, comes from Mozilla and also its new CEO that worked there as Mozillian since ages and for the good sort of the current and future Web!

Always fight your battles whenever you want, but in the right place, and at the right moment!

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Of course Brendan Eich has the right to have a wrong attitude.

But one thing is also for sure: the web and the internet won't break, if nobody use FF any longer. Additionally the folks who started the 'dont-use-FF-appeal' have had the right to do this, too, and they would have it even if Mr. Eich were God.

Finally: Mr. Eich might be the only admirable person in the world, but he is as responsible for his world views as for his technical inventions. As a person in public he needs to stand some headwind.

Thinking said...

While I don't agree with your conclusion on equality given the numerous errors in unsaid premisses which you assume-logically conclude an inequality, let's say that an inequality actually was provable and a proper argument could be consider sound. What absolutely baffles me is that these groups claiming to right an inequality do so by creating another inequality. That is, you must have X belief or you are simply wrong and we (i.e. organized groups with social agendas) should hurt you any way that we can so you don't succeed both progressional and personally. I'm not sure what is equal about forcing an ideology to the point that it's objective is to exterminate those who oppose it. There is nothing equal about that. And this flaw in thinking immediately makes this cry for equality negate itself. Not to mention, that this notion that a co-creator of a company can't be CEO of HIS OWN COMPANY is so absurd that it shows the illogical tactics of those who claim equality dishonestly and then set out to create inequalities.

I agree with a great deal of what you said. But I do think you are missing the irony of suggesting this mantra of inequality (which I don't think is sound logically) and then these same groups making the claim set out to remove any beliefs that oppose the beliefs of the group. That's the exact opposite of equality. I'm sure people will burn me at the stack for being a religious man, but at least in my world view, my beliefs permit the idea of free will and that people should be free to believe what they want and live a life based on those beliefs (my world suggest this is inalienably right of each human regardless of if I agree with it). Each person should be able to lobby for these beliefs without seeking the destruction of the other. But that is not at all what is going on in this situation. Destruction is the named objective in this matter and it's hypocrisy shouldn't be without observation.