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Monday, October 02, 2006

google world, world wide or world wide web ?

It's just a funny post about a strange thing happened just 5 minutes ago ... I need to change my keyboard because it often misses some char, however I was looking for an Italian site when I've quickly digited ...

I read url error but connection was working ... then, what's up ? Google has a personal ww prefix ?
It's really strange, maybe my friend FireFox did it for me ... but hey, it's the same with my enemy IE 7RC1 ... and Opera opened them too !!!

... but, wow, this happen with a single w too, ... and if I search something this work as ... Ok, Ok, the world changes too fast and I'm not updated, let me try .... error ? Why error ?

Why google has 4 ways to be open while every site I know has a maximum of 2 ways ? (,

I don't know if this is a news, I don't know if You known it but I know that doesn't work in this way (but there's a redicert if you try with a single or double w).

It's strange for me and maybe I need to rewrite every url parser that accept http:// or www[0-9]+\. $name .... he he he, who have an updated compatible reg-exp ? :P


kentaromiura said...

funny, seems that yahoo have a similar things, if you digit w or ww it
redirect to yahoo search
I think is the same behaviour, only that google is not a portal but merely a search engine (so google search and google are the same)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

any redirect for ... does redirect, yahoodoes redirect ... other sites ( too) doesn't do any redirect, if you write a wrong url ... you'll see an error.

In you can use and do everything, any redirect, you'll use ... while does a redirect :D

Anonymous said...

This is Mario from the Ajaxian forums... You need to include a charset="iso-8859-1" attrib in your script tags with anything compressed with memtronics. I noticed after compressing scriptaculous that the scripts didnt work becuase they had a meta tag on their page that set the charset to "utf-8". If you add the charset="iso-8859-1" to the script tag it fixes that problem.

Anonymous said...

Mario again,

Also be aware that memtronics has issues "crunching" some code (which it performs automatically before any compression). To solve this I use Dean Edwards packer set to "no compression" which will correctly crunch the code. Then copy n past the crunched code from Packer to Memtronics and it will work. I have successfully compressed scriptaculous (35.5kb full all scripts included in 1 file, much smaller when doing just peaces), prototype 1.4 (13kb), 1.5rc0 (16.9),1.5rc1(19kb) and prototipify.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

If you add the charset="iso-8859-1" to the script tag it fixes that problem.
Thank you Mario for this news, I didn't know Memtronic and that's why there's a Dean Edwards packer version too on download area.

However, bytefx is wrote to be compatible with Dean's packer and MemTronic seems to work correctly with same settings then I need some test to be sure that mtronic version needs charset iso.

Also be aware that memtronics has issues "crunching" some code
thank you again but as I've said, I just write javascript in a packer compatible way and Memtronic version seems to be stable as Open Source version is (or better, should be :D)

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong I am not saying your code is flawed. I think you have done a great job. Just saying Memtronic's cruncher has issues with certain advanced regular expressions, where as Dean's packer does not.. its not just a matter of having proper semi colons. So your code could be technically correct and packer friendly and memtronics cruncher will choke on it.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Hello Mario :-)

Did you read this on MemTronic site ?

It's about v1.0 [Jul-2006]:
DeCompression-Routine rewritten from scratch so that users with other than ISO-8859-1 charsets
no longer should encounter any problems when using their language specific charsets!

Then I don't know if I need to add charset

Andrea Giammarchi said...

P.S. why did you talk about MemTronic on this post ? :P

Anonymous said...

Dude are you serious?!
That's just are subdomains!

You can have anything like if you like.

Google world. huh.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

yes, it's just a subdomain ... but I didn't search on before, then as i've said, it was a funny thing for me.

however, if I try to add a single char subdomain in my spaces it's not possible.

Il nome digitato per lo spazio web non รจ valido
that means:
digited name is not valid for a web space

then I wonder how many spaces enables single sub-domain names and how many URL regexp works with a single name as first accepted characters.

Last thing, how many google, in the world, works with single subdomain name instead of a redirect to original and correct url ?

Did I say this is a funny post ? ...

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've come up with this issue a "little bit" later than you :).
I didn't get those tech details in your post...would you be so kind to check this