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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ultra Zipped Bitmap - a new (un)probable image standard?

Microsoft is working on a new image format, called HD.

It seems to be better than standard JPEG format but it's not a loosequality format.

I've done some strange and stupid test to find a way to obtain the better quality/size effort for an image, and this is the result: uzb image ... what's that? :D

It's quite a joke but it should be a proposal for FireFox, Opera or other browser plugin (is it ridiculous?)

The original uzb image format is Bitmap, that's a looseless image type but it's an "old" format and generated size is amazing.

But, for example, this is an 885 Kbytes ... how many bytes do You think I removed?

Exactly 829,1 Kbytes for a final result of 55,9 Kbytes!!!

This "incredible" final size was obtained using fantastic LZMA compression Algorithm and this size si even better than every png and, as png format, is looseless!

This is what i think about uzb:

- looseless
- extremely fast decompression
- best quality/size ratio

- slow encoding
- final client "realtime" unpacked size (cache or ram) is probably too much big
- no alpha channel (as JPEG)

You can test by yourself (only for Windows users) decoding speed unpacking in a folder this zip file.
After that You just need to click twice on decode.bat file.

Isn't Wonderful?

If, for some reason, You loose packed file You can get them directly from this link.

The coolest thing is that You're testing a big image that's not "perfect" for your web site, so think about a generic header image like this one, the BitBox header gif image (11,5 Kb), that should be served in 10,3 Kb or another image like this one (216,45 Kb), that should be served in 115 Kb.

Ok guys, it's only a joke :D and packed size is not alawys better than png but quality is always better than JPG, bye!


Jake Archibald said...

Heh, but I would point out that Microsoft's HD Photo thing will have a lossless compression option as well as lossy.

Andrea Giammarchi said...

I hope so :D

Anonymous said...

That is really great compression but is that that comparable with "real" pictures? That is actually pixel art with lots of same colors and stuff like that. Still amazing though :)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Johannes, last png has many colors and it's not pixel art :)

In some case LZMA, starting from a Bitmap, has the best packed size.

I should study wich kind of images have best result in uzb format but these study will probably be not useful because I'm just a Web developer, not a Microsoft or Adobe employee :P

daniele_dll said...

you can use uncompressed png as base to support alpha channel :)