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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

[ES4] ... good by my darlin' toy ...

... and

Welcome Control Over Performances !!!

I can't wait one more minute ... Go ES4 implementations, GO!


Anonymous said...

the es4 spec seems quite complex, and they plan to release the final one just in fall 2008.. then I guess we will need 5 more years to have really conformant implementations (providing real TCO + good backtraces seems a non-trivial task by itself).

But I guess you're just thinking of its ActionScript incarnation so for you it will be quite soon :)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Hi riffraff :-)

5 more years to have really conformant implementations

It's not true because IronMonkey and Tamarin will be available for every major browser.

At the same time, as You know, when Flash Player 9 was released in about 6 months every user updated his version so I suppose that if the day after Tamarin release We always start to write ES4 every user will be able to use that code in few days, a little update in incoming 2008 is not a problem while future versions of every browser will (I hope) implement ES4.

Only Web developers could make this swith quick, users that don't use JS will not be affected while every other will require just a little download ... it's so simple, imho.

P.S. ES4 is not ActionScript ... it's really more fun and more powerful ;-)