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Friday, October 05, 2007

MyMin project 1.0.1 available

I've just uploaded last version of MyMin project fixing only JSmin problems with regular expressions when it's not inside a closure, not after '{' or ';' allowing them to parse entire jQuery UI, for example, without problems.

This fix has been successfully tested on Python 2.5, PHP 5.2, C# 2 and JavaScript 1.3

You can find MyMin project description in this page while You can optimize CSS and JavaScript in a single file simply using my on-line service.

Have fun with optimizations and please feel free to post a comment if You find some bug using MyMin project, Thank You!


vertical-align said...

My first test was with Ext JS &CSS files also. As for the screencast try Jing Project (here's one good (ext btw) example:

Andrea Giammarchi said...

thank You for Jing info v-align (I can't move comments from one post to another, sorry)