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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Turbo ArrayObject

Today I am more clever than two days ago :lol: ... that's why ArrayObject has now a turbo compressor, specially with those methods that do not require an intermediate wrapper:

  • every

  • forEach

  • indexOf

  • join

  • lastIndexOf

  • pop

  • push

  • reverse

  • shift

  • some

These methods, if susported (if not use JSLRevision ;)), works directly in core.
The result is that every Array like instance now are more fast than ever, considering that join, pop, push, reverse, indexOf, shift, and forEach are widely used in a lot of projects.

This object could be the core for libraries like jQuery, or other that emulates array behaviour ... and I solved problems with sort plus some minor fix.

It has been successfully tested in FireFox, IE, Safari, and Opera.

Seems cool? I hope so :geek:

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