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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

re-introduction to JSON.hpack

Let me try again, this time with an official project page and a nearly complete wiki page.

JSON.hpack, the Fat-Free Alternative to JSON

JSON.hpack is a lossless, cross language, performances focused, data set compressor. It is able to reduce up to 70% number of characters used to represent a generic homogeneous collection.

To understand how to use JSON via JavaScript, PHP, or C# (Python coming soon and hopefully other languages as well), please have a look into the wiki page or if you want, try out the demo page!

I am waiting for comments :-)


Unknown said...

Seems like a good extension candidate for Jaxer ;D

Christian Giordano said...

I think it can be quite useful for large data, especially if the choice is done dynamically on the server and with the data you return also the type of structure.

Anonymous said...

doesnt compress deep enough.

eg: if you have


Andrea Giammarchi said...

generic homogeneous collection !

which means a list of objects with same properties so it cannot work with nested objects