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Monday, July 27, 2009

back in town with a little CSS present

Hi everybody! I am definitively back in London: completely tanned, thanks to Ancona holidays, but right now under the rain (OK, in this second it's sunny here...)

This is a quick "here I am again" but with a simple and little present:

Easy CSS Reset Creator

Sometimes we need to reset CSS to be sure that our document will be clear and hopefully equal for each browser, respecting our rules rather than browsers default.
To better understand what I am talking about, please have a look into this Eric A. and Kathryn S. Meyer page, the basis used to create my simple tool.

What Eric did not think about, is that thanks to Web 2.0 injections and flexibilities, it could be useful to reset a single node and everything contained rather than a full document, specially when we need quick improvements or our cool widget/gadget to add somewhere in the page without an iframe or inherited rules.

So, this is the page able to create the CSS you need with or without a parent rule.

If you need a parent container you can simply use a query string like

Obviously you can add more complex rules like
?parent=table.test td.last
or, if you need an id, a dollar character rather than a sharp one:

where $myid will be converted into #myid

Please note that my host is not that expensive so it cannot handle hundreds f requestes (copy and paste or download the resulted CSS rather than use it directly as link source)

I guess that's it, and see you soon ;)

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