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Sunday, July 05, 2009

YUI Compressor Meets The Batch Scripting

Mainly to work, also to investigate some good old DOS feature, I created a batch file able to make YUI Compressor more portable and easy for every Windows based client/server developer.
I wrote the story, and I described each file, plus I added a workable Zip with everything you need to understand what I have created and use it, starting with a double click into a projects/vice-versa.bat file which aim is to create from a list of files a unique YUI Compressed one.
Here is the link, the rest is up to you (comments, questions, suggestions, etc)


DBJDBJ said...

on can drag and drop things on windows .cmd and .bat files.
If you add this feature, your Bompressor (will|might) be even more usable.

Regards: Dusan (London,UK)

Kevin Jones said...

CHances this comment will be picked up.. slim BUT I'm finding your b.bat file very useful thanks. I've set it up to run twice on Ctrl+S for CSS and JS inside Webstorm on windows... this was perfect until another dev started working more in Mac...

Don't suppose you based your file on a shell script or have a shell script equivilent to allow cross platform development?

Big ask, im not as versed at .BAT as i once was to try...

Andrea Giammarchi said...

you might consider the node.js or python version used, as example, in wru via node builder/build.js or python builder/

I work on Mac now, but you need to create a CSSBuilder.js or or modify the script to enable CSS build too