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Friday, October 09, 2009 is down

As usual, when there is a merging or an acquisition, the classic "Dear customer, don't worry, everything will be just like before and even better" becomes automatically "Who are you, what'ya want from us, do we know each other? Re-buy the service if you have troubles!" ... in few words, and are down because there is no such thing anymore: the host! ... a little detail, that will be hopefully solved soon (next week at some point).
Fortunately, I have my backup, thanks to SQLite, actually version 2, which has maintained in performances and stability for years and hundreds of thousands of records both read only or constantly changed (counters, stats, code serving).

Maybe it's a good occasion to re-think Dunno yet, and time is zero, I am just sorry for any inconvenient caused by my different programming languages sources.

At least we can have fun with a classic video from The Web Site Is Down

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