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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Randomly Speaking ...

These days have been a bit chaotic, lots of news, good and bad, unfortunately somebody decided a day has only 24 hours and somebody else decided sometimes we need to sleep, so from 24 we pass to 18 ... this is a quick random post about changes and thoughts

I Am One Of The Ajaxians!

Thanks to Dion Almaer, or if you prefer "it's Dion fault!!!", I am glad to be one of those guys there talking about everything Web related, development, techniques, news, mobiles, whatever, as long as it makes sense and will keep us updated with the latest kill app.

Formaldehyde Has Been Updated

My simple Ajax / PHP debugger has slightly changed to solve a couple of annoying bugs. One was a typo, another one a new XHR feature (or better, limit) so theoretically, Formaldehyde should not caouse problems anymore.

The Real Problem Is Not IE6 But Windows 2000, 98, Me

Google Chrome Frame demonstrated that people want a better browser but there are still so many companies stuck in deprecated operating systems.
The most interesting analysis I could do is thanks to this reply in Frame ml:

Our company uses ALMOST 100% Windows 2000 OSes ... in our business, we always use a web application that uses a LOT of javascript, IE6 is Slow and always gets a javascript Error and needed the browser to restart.. the employees productivity
is continually monitored, this browser failures are a big problem.

Please let me summarize with a reply ...

Dear Companies

If your business is mainly based over a web/network architecture, the only one that will fall down day after day will be simply your business. An upgrade does not cost anything, and old PCs could install without any problems whatever free Operating System without slowing down your productivity making you, and your business, updated, 'cause the rest of the world and everything that works behind a browser is moving forward, so you are simply deciding to stay behind without a valid reason.
How can you justify slow productivity? How much this slow productivity, missed IE6 features, and an old, deprecated, application based over IE6, can mean for your incomes? Think!

The London JavaScript Group Should Survive!

This is the bloody Europe financial capital and one of the main IT center and nobody is interested into the programming language of the past, the present, and the future? This is unacceptable, is often thanks to JavaScript ignorance that our business is not that interesting as USA one ... with all those new thingy that "must be Flash or Silverlight!" while nowadays, 70% of the time, it is simply JavaScript!!! If I could have produced some silly stuff like the Liquid FX, guess how much JavaScript skills and knowledge could bring inside your on-line applications. Be interested, and do not follow Jurassic patterns a la "server side developer and just a web designer with jQuery knowledge", this is not enough for whatever start-up or whatever web based service.

TechHub Is Getting Started

This IS what I was expecting from this city when I moved here almost 2 years ago and not a dead JavaScript group ... ThechHub, finally some fresh air outside deprecated development models so loved in most of those companies fell down during the credit crunch ... Innovation is the key, everything that let us survive is wrong, everything that let us grow up, is good ... even in latter case, we could grow up even more, doing right steps, Think!

That's it, told'ya it was random ... have a nice week end if I won't have time to post again.


Nicolas said...

Congratulations on the Ajaxian thing! :)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Cheers :D

Unknown said...

Congratulations Andrea! :-)