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Monday, September 27, 2010

@jsconfeu after parties epilogue

too bad I wasn't planning to be in Berlin this week end for this conference, and too cool I have been able at least to meet such crowd of JS pirates after the conference!

This post is about what I have found in "after events", and I do believe it should be shared.

Great To Meet You All

Heroes, colleagues, "just developers", it does not really matter! Everybody I have talked with was in the "friendly, shary, skilled, interested" mood, pretty cool for this JS community that is clearly growing up on daily basis in Europe as well ... Yeah, you simply have to accept that JavaScript is everywhere, client, server, whatsoever, and nobody will stop us!
You can still think it's a toy language, not a real programming one (scripting is part of the therm tho) and bla bla bla ... this community of real pirates will always be there to answer your questions and show how freaking cool is this programming language!

Twitter Is The One!

If you are following speakers and other participants as I have done, you would have felt somehow in the conference. Of course I have missed everything there, and twitter could not give me same feeling, but it's impressive how much devs share realtime and how easy is to virtually follow presentations via posted slides, comments, and all sort of links.

Party Time!

Good organization on both Friday*, Saturday, and Sunday, with almost every speaker there for the "after conference". Places, as well as number of JS folks, were really cool: an unexpected atmosphere for what somebody may simply define a "geek meeting": music, games, and inevitably #beers, great stuff!
*next Friday dinner please in a proper Schnitzel and Kartoffeln place!!!

Special Thanks

These are developers I have met the first time outside the Web and I would like to thank ... and if you don't follow them ... you better should!

  • @andrewdupont, the Prototype and party man

  • @dalmaer ... uh wait, we met different times before :D

  • @jdalton, the "all you can dream about JS libraries" pirate

  • @paul_irish, the real HTML5 evangelist

  • @phiggins, a "crazy dude" you'll never recognize without his hat

  • @rmurphey, the one that "would never hire me and my WebReflection arrogance" :P

  • @robertnyman, the "JS and HTML5 buddy" you have to meet in person

  • @stoyanstefanov, the "kick ass" client/server performances man

  • @thomasfuchs and @amyhoy, the Scripty and "learn JS properly!" folks

Apologies if I forgot somebody but ... you know, I had few beers as well ;)

Thanks again everybody and see you soon!

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