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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Promote JS!

From a nice initiative to better promote JSINJ thanks to MDC documentation.

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS Array indexOf, JavaScript Array indexOf, JS Array .indexOf, JavaScript Array .indexOf

I would like to share my thoughts about the initiative:

  • it's time for developers to understand that if they know a library (e.g. jQuery) it does not mean they know JavaScript. Too often I have talked with "JS Developers" unable to add a simple DOM listener in a W3/IE way. This initiative may eventually bring to all JS folks the beauty and simplicity of the language, which is not only inside this or that framework

  • MDC has always been a reference to me but it must be said it does not include everything and sometimes it has Gecko specific pages that may disorient us if our target is cross browser

  • MDC may contains errors as well and many examples are not optimized at all but for some reason took as "the only way to do that". In this case Array extras, as example, are not always the most logic or performances oriented

  • as I have done different time there, it is possible to edit the content adding hopefully valid contribution

Have fun Pirates!

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