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Saturday, April 13, 2013

tinydown test

OK ladies & gentlemen, time to test [tinydown]( for real.

### What's New
Well, first of all there are [35 tests]( with nice and/or screwed input and an expected output to complete the library so that any improvement or change will not compromise what's already working.

The second thing is ... **I am using tinydown now**!

You can check the source page of this post and see that all it contains is markdown.

### What's Different
There at least two things different:

  * it supports more inside the image markup, such youtube and gists
  * it supports twitter handlers, like @WebReflection
  * even if so damn small, like less _than 2Kb_ minzipped, it supports nested blockquotes and lists

`inline code` is also available together with triple tick syntax and/or tab and spaces so that

    var code = 'can be be written multiline';
    function alCodeIsPreserved() {
      with(out) {

I also implemented only here the highlighter for js so

var code = this.should();


### What's Missing
I don't know yet, I think almost everything I need for blogging should be there.

The library is compatible with both _node.js_ and web browsers, of course, and if tests are green you should good to use it runtime in your blog too or any other place you think.

Last but not least, you can **test everything** you want in [this page]( live test) and eventually file bugs copying the generated link with your content so it will be straight forward to see what's broken, the why and the how.  
Have fun!


Anonymous said...


Gabriel Izaias said...

RSS feed is not parsed!

Andrea Giammarchi said...

which reader are you using? 'cause I thought Readers were death :D

Unknown said...

Readers aren't dead at all!
I'm totally bummed to see I can't access you content from feedly/flipboard!

Andrea Giammarchi said...

I'll try that but I've made many changes that should be OK for your reader too ... I guess ... is this the case?

Aadaam said...

not fine yet :/ RSS is just as dead as occassional blogging is - if you don't post for a month, do you expect us to come back every single day twice?:)

Andrea Giammarchi said...

Adaam I'm trying to make everyone happy ... I am having less and less time to blog and with markdown it takes nothing to do it in a beautiful and simple way.

Please consider my last post and, as example, I found frustrating I had to write HTML to put a link in this comment too !!!

Markdown FTW!