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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Who's running to get Vista ?

Yesterday posted a nice question about Vista: "If You have Vista or You'll install them quickly put your hand in the air".

This is just a mini report about users opinions (totally: 47) and I think these informations should be interesting:

  • I'll install Vista as soon as I can or I just have Vista
    12.8 %

  • I don't believe in Vista and I'll be on XP for many other months/years
    38.3 %

  • I'm thinking to spend money for a Mac (with OSX) instead of Vista license
    8.5 %

  • I'm thinking to install Ubuntu or I'll never instal Vista (I'm just on Ubuntu or other Linux distributions)
    40.4 %

So what are You waiting for to change your OS ? Get Linux !


Unknown said...

Le licenze OEM di Vista
excuse me for the italian comment but I find interesting ;-)

Anonymous said...

When they give me back the money I paid for a license of win xp included with my laptop!!!

by the way when did you move to Linux???....I remember you on Win 2000!

ciao kirk

Andrea Giammarchi said...

he he kirk :D
This is the last W2K updates support year, however I'm actually on XP with classic (W2K) interface and I use them because You "can't" buy a laptop or PC without a Microsoft OS installed.
The point is that I'm not running to pay for Vista, I'm going to buy a Mac mini as soon as I can and I'll probably buy Vista only when IE8 will be available only for Vista.
Why ? It's simple, too much people use MS Operating System and I need to write cross-browser Web Apps and stand alone IE version doesn't work perfectly :(