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Saturday, October 06, 2007

new automatic content generator service now creates archives with 3 types of automatic content generator: ASP.NET (C#), PHP (4 or 5) and Python (mod_python and psp or WSGI version).

These generators complete service and are usable with MyMin produced code too if You choose to manage your own projects by yourself.

Probably there will be future implementations (Java, Perl, Ruby), however today You can use to create optimized CSS and JavaScript for more than 80% of hosting solutions.

A special thanks to Cristian Carlesso for C# porting, He doesn't like my revision style so much ... but it works perfectly and it's more simple to mantain too (at least for me :D)

Have fun with :-)


kentaromiura said...

here how my code looked like just for compare since
Andrea sad that this code is not manteinable..
Peace and Love !

kentaromiura said...

uups, a typo !!
previousComment.replace("manteinable", "maintainable")

Andrea Giammarchi said...

come on kenta ... I didn't say it's not maintainable, Ijust sayd it's not simply maintainable for me because it doesn't follow same logic of every other version :-)

These three versions are quite equal, is there something more simple to mantain ? :D